My name is Chip Ditto. I've lived in West Tennessee all my life. Here in West Tennessee we live on the New Madrid Fault, thus my kennel name, Von Der Faultline.  I purchased my first Rottweiler, Rumble, in 1989. I started training him at a young age where I earned Rumble's AKC CD Obedience Title. I then began training in the early '90s in the sport of Schutzhund and showing in AKC Confirmation which later led to the German style Confirmation in the mid '90s. I've titled numerous dogs in Schutzhund and shown many dogs in many venues over the years. I've been a founder of several USRC Rottweiler Clubs and Schutzhund Clubs in the past. I'm currently a member of DVG America and ADRK Germany. I am not a volume breeder, however, I am a Rottweiler enthusiast with 22 plus years of experience in the breed, in the sport of Schutzhund, and in the show ring. I have shown, trained, titled, and bred numerous dogs with great success in the show ring and on the Schutzhund field, not to mention a few in the AKC ring as well. I've had much experience with all breeds, but my true love is the Rottweiler. I have made many friends in the Rottweiler and Schutzhund community over the years and if you're considering buying a puppy from me, I'll be happy to give names, email addresses, and phone numbers of people who will gladly speak of my experience and character.

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Previous Dogs I have owned, trained, and titled:

Multi V Rated   Ass von den Golan-Höhen   Sch 3, BST, AD

German Rottweiler


V-Rated   Ivanhoe vom Krähen-Moor   Sch 2,  ZTP

German Rottweiler


 V-Rated    Dolf Vom Weihungstal     Sch 1,  BH, BST,  HD-

German Rottweiler

Newbern, TN  38059

                                                                                Tennessee, USA